The Variable Frequency Drive Misting Pump

The Variable Frequency Drive Misting Pump (VFD) is an electric motor, driven by a variable frequency drive. A variable frequency drive (VFD) or adjustable speed drive is a device used to control the speed of an electric motor by controlling the frequency of the electrical power sent to the motor. The VFD units are primarily desired for many commercial and industrial applications because of its electrical related efficiencies. They are energy efficient and the1500psi VFD Misting Pumps are now available in multiple flow rates. Standard sizes include 1gpm, 2gpm and 3gpm. The VFD system allows the mist pump to automatically adjust output flow based on the demand of each zone. This allows for continuous operation, longer pump and motor life, reduced noise, soft start, and significantly lower energy consumption.

The Advanced Misting System VFD Misting Pump is substantially quieter with the inclusion of a pressure transducer that only turns the motor at the required hertz based on the flow demand for any given time. Generally the motor and the pump are both spinning at the rpm level that is less than a standard Direct Drive or Pulley Drive unit. This makes the Advanced Misting System VFD Misting Pump commonly used in all areas of misting that have several zones or noise sensitive areas. VFD Misting Pumps consume 25% less electricity than non-VFD systems due to the inclusion of the VFD inverter and the way it utilizes electricity.

As system flow requirements increase, the VFD will progressively increase the speed of the motor until the pump is providing the required flow to achieve the required 1000psi pressure. As this motor speed increases, it will increase the noise level and it is possible that if the motor and pump are required to spin at full hertz and rpm (60 and 1750 respectively) due to the maximum flow requirement for the systems, the noise level for the VFD in that scenario could be equivalent to the noise level of a Direct Drive or Pulley Drive unit of comparable size. However, because the VFD unit affects the speed of the motor being used, it is always possible to resize the VFD unit so that it never spins above a desired rpm.

VFD Misting Pump has no excess water being pressurized and bypassed, eliminating damage to the internal components of the pump from heat build up in the water supply. The VFD Misting Pump operates more efficiently because the pump is not over working itself by producing excess pressurized water.

These pumps can reduce electricity use by half compared to conventional misting pump systems. The benefits of using the Advanced Misting System VFD Misting Pump include continuous operation, longer pump and motor life, reduced noise, soft start, and significantly lower energy consumption.

Outdoor Cooling Systems Bring Comfort Outdoors?

Most of us wait for the summer months and have great expectations of the warm relaxing days. However the excessive temperature over the summer soon send people back into their houses, condos or office building for protection from the heat. When this happens, not only are the outdoor patios, decks and backyard areas not used, but also, it costs the owner or renter the extra expense of operating the air conditioning as the heat outside brings him or her back inside. Now there is a solution to this dilemma. New outdoor cooling misting systems provide air conditioning outdoors at a faction of the cost of cooling the indoors.

Homeowners today have a variety of outdoor cooling systems from which to choose, in various configurations for various budgets. These new outdoor cooling systems allow the homeowners the luxury of spending more time outside in his backyard and patio areas. Businesses can have workers take breaks in the cool outdoors instead of staying in the building. These outdoor cooling systems provide comfort and cooling even in the sweltering heat of the summer.

The most common form of outdoor cooling systems are misting systems and misting fans. These products are now available in low, mid and high pressure options providing three different types for three different budgets. The general rule when using misting systems is the higher than pressure (up to 1000 psi) the less wetness and more cooling. At the same time the higher the pressure the more expensive is the product. Users must take into consideration the level of wetness that is acceptable for them so they can purchase an outdoor cooling product that best meets both their cooling and budget needs. If a homeowner chooses to invest in an inexpensive model, they should investigate as many sources as possible to ensure the purchase meets his or her cooling requirements. Go to or for additional information on this matter.
Outdoor cooling systems include evaporative cooling fans and misting fans.

Your patio, deck or backyard can be turned into a comfortable oasis during the heat of the summer by using outdoor cooling systems.

The World is Getting Hotter Will There Be More Need for Outdoor Cooling?

The year 2010 will go as the hottest year in history. NASA statistics indicate that during 2010 the overall global temperature during the climate year was 1.17 degrees Fahrenheit above the 1951-1980 base periods. It was the warmest since records began back in 1880. In addition, the decade between 2001 and 2010 is the hottest global decade on record, according to Peter H. Gleick, climate scientist for the Pacific Institute. Below is a graph showing the global temperature changes over the last 130 years. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported in January 2011 that its findings show in 2010, the average global temperature was 0.53 Celsius higher than the 1965-1999 period and 0.1 Celsius above the normal temperature in 2005, the previous warmest year in recorded history. The Chief of the WMO projected that the upcoming decade would be even hotter stating “With global warming, some of these events will become more frequent or more intense”.

With expectation of even a warm upcoming decade, it may become imperative for people and businesses to take precautions to keep themselves safe as years become hotter. At present there are a number of outdoor cooling products that can provide “relief from the heat”. These include a wide variety of “misting” machines ranging from misting fans to misting line systems and misting tents. There are also a wide range of portable misting products available that people can take with them when outside during the summer months. Some of these misting spray bottles are hand-held and simply spray them in the area for an immediate cooling effect.

Through the combination of portable misting systems, misting fans and evaporative cooling fans most people can protect themselves against the dangers of excessive heat. Please contact an expert on the subject of outdoor cooling for more information.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Cooling System for Your Patio or Deck

During the heat of the summer months, relief can be found from the sweltering heat by using outdoor cooling systems. It is like having outdoor air-conditioning providing comfort and protection while you enjoy your patio, backyard, deck, awning or any other outdoor structure. Outdoor cooling allows restaurants to ulitize their outdoor patios more during the day.

The most popular and type of outdoor cooling system to install are misting systems. Misting systems are available in a large variety of sizes, configurations, and degrees of effectiveness. The general rule is that higher the atomization or pressure (psi) of the water, the better is the outdoor cooling and the lesser is the wetness of the mist.

Generally speaking there are three different options when using misting systems for outdoor cooling. You can install a low pressure misting system for outdoor cooling that directly connects to your water source with a hose. A mid-pressure misting system places a pump between the nozzles and increases the pressure up to the 300 psi. A high pressure misting system pushes water through the small nozzles at a pressure between 800 and 1000 psi and provides the most outdoor cooling without wetness. This last one is a professional high-pressure misting system and is always the best choice, but also the most expensive one.

Outdoor cooling systems also include the use of evaporative cooling fans such as the WayCool unit that use large fans to blow cold air over great distances… These units use the principles of evaporative cooling, but are not designed to push out a mist. Other outdoor cooling products include misting fans, patio fans, ventilation systems and forced air systems. In general, outdoor cooling systems generally work in all humidity levels. However to achieve optimum outdoor cooling, different combinations of cooling, misting and air need to be installed. You will need to consult with an outdoor cooling expert so that the best climate control results are attained.